Thirteen students in the Medill Sports Media specialization are touring some of the top sports media organizations and businesses in New York City this week as part of Medill Explores. In this post, Yifan Wu looks back on some of the highlights of the trip’s first two days.

What was your favorite moment of the first two days of the trip?

My favorite moment was yesterday when we went to The New York Times’ 4:30 Page One Meeting. It was amazing to hear the rundown of stories and then read the same stories this morning in the paper. We were watching news happen in front of our eyes.

My second favorite moment so far was today when we toured Sports Illustrated. Richard Demak, senior editor and chief of reporters at SI gave us a tour after our Q&A session, and we got a sneak peek at the next issue with some amazing photography work from the Super Bowl.

What surprised you most from the first two days?

When we toured Bleacher Report, we were told it has a dedicated team for Snapchat Discovery and they make nine to 12 posts a day. I think their forward thinking is one of the many reasons they are growing so fast.

What is one major takeaway you’ve had from the first two days?

A main lesson I learned today is how important human interest stories are. We met with an editor at The Players’ Tribune, and he said that even though Kevin Durant’s announcement that he would leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors drove a huge spike in traffic, the focus should be on the stories that people can universally relate to. They don’t necessarily want to be the Adrian Wojnarowski or Adam Schefter of sports media; instead they want to tell stories that others might have overlooked.

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