Thirteen students in the Medill Sports Media specialization are touring some of the top sports media organizations and businesses in New York City this week as part of Medill Explores. In this post, Jennifer Lee discusses a side trip she took Wednesday to Bristol, Conn., where she toured ESPN headquarters.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

The entire day at ESPN headquarters was great, but three moments stand out:

  1. Running into and meeting Jemele Hill and Michael Smith — two people I respect and admire greatly — was such an exciting experience, and one that will stick with me for a very long time.
  2. I was ecstatic when Stephen A. Smith and New England Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell gave me a wave in the middle of their interview for the Stephen A. Smith Show.
  3. Being on the set of shows like First take, NFL Live and Baseball Tonight was absolutely surreal. Being at the anchor desk in a lit up studio, sitting in the chairs of some of the biggest names in sports broadcasting like Stephen A. Smith, Trey Wingo and Tim Kurkjian gave me a taste of the possibilities that lie ahead. It made me even more motivated to work hard to achieve them.

What was the biggest surprise of the day?

Besides seeing Jemele Hill, Michael Smith and Stephen A., I would say running into Rob Ninkovich, Chris Hogan and several other Patriots players in the hallway right before they went into the studio as guests on the Russillo & Kanell show.

What’s one thing you learned today?

I spoke with Coordinating Producer Bruce Bernstein, and I learned from him that being a “swiss-army knife” — meaning you have at least a working knowledge of many different areas — will serve you very well in this business.

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