Olivia Reiner is in the graduate journalism program at Medill. 

What will you will be during your time in PyeongChang?

At the Olympics, I’ll be freelancing for philly.com, which is the digital home for the Philly Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. I’ll be covering local athletes competing in alpine sports like bobsled and luge. This is less finalized, but I’m also going to be freelancing for KYW Newsradio, an AM radio station owned by CBS in Philadelphia. For KYW, I’ll be on their Reporters’ Roundup, a daily discussion that the anchors have with their reporters on the news. I’m also hoping to do packages for them, but we haven’t discussed specifics yet.

I’m also going to be getting some content for my high school, Germantown Academy in Ft. Washington, PA, on an alumnus named Brian O’Neill, who’s competing on the US men’s hockey team. I’m not sure exactly what that will be yet, but definitely some photos and quotes. I’m still reaching out to outlets to pick up additional assignments.

What type of stories have you been pitching as freelance assignments?

For philly.com, I’m writing at least three stories total on a few different athletes. I’m looking to find local, feature-y angles that would matter to philly.com’s audience. These local focuses should be unique in the sense that someone wouldn’t find a similar story on a wire covering the Olympics. I’ve found that it’s been best to gauge the interest of the outlet and who they want to cover exactly before offering story ideas.

What are you looking forward to most about the experience?

I’m excited to witness some of the greatest athletes in the world. All of these people are the best at what they do. There are many Winter Olympic sports I don’t know much about, but I can’t wait to educate myself. I’m also looking forward to connecting with other journalists and growing my network.

I remember watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics when I was in high school. At the time, I was writing blog posts on men’s hockey for a friend’s website. I couldn’t believe that I’d have to wait another four years until the next Winter Olympics. It freaked me out that by 2018, I’d be a senior in college. Little did I know that in 2018, a) I’d actually be pursuing my master’s and b) I’d be heading to the Winter Olympics as a freelancer. It still feels surreal!