Chris Kwiecinski is in the graduate journalism program at Medill. 

What will you will be during your time in PyeongChang?

My role during the Olympic coverage is still up in the air. However, I signed a freelance contract with the Chicago Tribune to cover local Chicago-area athletes. I’m not sure how much I’ll write for the Tribune, if at all, honestly, but I’m in their corner for now.

What type of stories have you been pitching as freelance assignments?

I’m going to be pitching features about first-time athletes, coaches and Chicago-area athletes who will be competing at the Winter Olympics.

What are you looking forward to most about the experience?

I’m most looking forward to being in the spotlight, to be frank. I’ve never been in a setting where I’ll potentially have an international audience. The third time’s the charm for these Olympics for me. I missed out on two opportunities to work at an Olympics in undergrad, and it’s almost surreal to actually be going now.