Anna Kook is in the graduate journalism program at Medill. 

What will you will be during your time in PyeongChang?

I will be wearing several hats as I will be freelancing for several different media outlets that include the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald, Channel NewsAsia and amNY. All of these outlets have different interests in terms of the type of coverage and the athletes they are interested in. For example, the Chicago Tribune is particularly interested in getting video footage of Chicago athletes’ interviews while amNY wants feature articles on athletes who have strong connections with New York.

What type of stories have you been pitching as freelance assignments?

The process of pitching to outlets to hire me as their Olympics reporter was intimidating at first because I had never done something like this before. But after awhile, I found myself having no shame in sending mass amounts of emails to editors I had never met before promoting myself. Soon enough, I heard back from several outlets that weren’t sending any journalists to the Olympics but wanted coverage on athletes that interest their respective audience.

I’m hoping to pitch not just articles on events and games, but also on athletes and their incredible journeys. I’m also especially interested in reporting on how the North and South Korean athletes will cooperate during the games. This story really embodies the spirit of the Olympic Games and appeals to any type of audience.

What are you looking forward to most about the experience?

I’m looking forward to simply being a journalist for nine days straight, because this is the first time multiple news outlets will be completely relying on me to report. As much as this is a huge burden, it’s also an exciting opportunity for me as a journalist starting out. But I am most excited to be surrounded by hundreds of great journalists from all around the world. The nine days we’re going to be there is going to be the best educational experience, and I can’t wait to be motivated from all the journalists I will meet.