I got on the shuttle bus to head up to skeleton and two rows in front of me I see a fellow Canadian wearing a blue CBC jacket. He introduces himself as Jon and we start talking. He says he’s covering skeleton for the CBC and seems to know a lot about the sport. I assume he’s just a skeleton guru, but then, halfway through the conversation it hits me, this isn’t just some reporter for the CBC, this is 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Jon Montgomery! Now what do I do? Should I give him the old fashion, “I think I recognize you from somewhere!” or the extremely uncomfortable “Do you know who you are?” Should I just play it cool and continue the conversation? In the end, I kind of just did a mix of all three. I became pretty awkward and continued the conversation until we got up to the media area. Anyway, that’s what happens at the Olympics. You share bus rides with gold medalists and regret not getting a photo. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

I did however get a photo with A.J. Edelman, the Israeli skeleton racer. I asked for a photo of him and he asked me to join him. So that was pretty cool! — Aaron Rose