Professional sports is a multibillion dollar industry that involves business, entertainment, lifestyle and a host of other related topics. From stadium financing to personal scandals to the rise and fall of dynasties, there’s no limit to the number and type of stories you’ll pursue as a sports journalist. Few journalistic disciplines afford the range that sports writing does: deadline journalism, features, profiles, investigative, historical and first-person pieces, all with multimedia components.

You can choose to start the Sports Media specialization in the summer or fall quarter.

You’ll explore all of the sports genres through reading, lecture and discussion, and hone your writing skills in a peer workshop format. Because sports doesn’t happen in the classroom, you’ll have front-row access to both sports media professionals and the athletes they cover. Past trips have included visits to the Washington Wizards and the Orlando Magic and meetings at ESPN and The Washington Post.

When your work is published by clients of Medill News Service, you’ll develop a professional journalism portfolio that will help advance your career. You’ll also be paired with a mentor who’s part of Medill’s extensive alumni network. Your mentor will provide coaching and career advice throughout your program.