Meet Our Team

Brian Ayala

Brian is a 25 year old from sunny and humid Miami. He has all sorts of different hobbies and interests, like music, fashion and techy stuff–but sports has been his one true passion since he was a little kid. Basketball is what makes his world go ’round and his Twitter account go off during the NBA Playoffs. Especially when he’s watching his Miami Heat ball out! Besides watching hoops, he likes to keep tabs with football, soccer and some extreme sports, but is in the process of learning more about baseball, hockey and golf.

He interned at WTVJ/NBC 6 in Miramar, Fla. with the sports and news department before graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a minor in Marketing from Florida International University.

Lorenzo Patrick

Lorenzo is a 24 year-old journalist from Maywood, IL. He held a number of internships and jobs before his time at Medill, including stints with the Chicago Sky and Yahoo! Sports Radio. While an undergrad, he also served as the play-by-play voice of Williams College athletics for four years.

His favorite sport is football, and doesn’t like any of your pets.

Nikitta Foston

Nikitta Foston, also known as PrimeTime, hails from the south suburban Chicago area, where she honed per passion for sports and her intrigue for the stories behind the game. She is especially fond of anything related to football, from tailgating to touchdown, and everything else (meaning hot dogs and ice-cream) in between.

When she is not interviewing players and playmakers, she enjoys hosting the occasional fashion show or talent show, where she can mix personality with performance, including her signature line, “How you livin’?”

She is a former staff writer for Ebony magazine, and former freelancer for People, and a range of national outlets. Known for her in depth reporting style, she has served as guest commentator for KISS-FM 98.7 New York, The Black Family Channel and as an essayist for Tavis Smiley’s award-winning anthology, Keeping the Faith. Foston is the inaugural recipient of the Marcus J. Lowes Memorial Scholarship for sports journalism. She is the founder of Pink Referee, and online destination for the female sports fan.

Karen Quant

My media career started at age 11 when I was given a headset, and sat alongside Sacramento Kings postgame hosts at Arco Arena. My dad and I would go after just about every game to watch them tape the post-game radio shows. I’d thrust my hand in the air, answer questions and offer my analysis. They were so impressed with my remarks, they often let me sit at the table with them taking calls.

Before falling in love with basketball, I was head over heels for football. At age eight I wanted to play. Sadly, my dad told me it wasn’t for girls, but I still played at recess or on Sundays with the neighborhood boys. I played organized basketball instead, dreaming of playing in the WNBA, until realizing I was a bit undersized at only 5’3.

Despite knowing at a young age my dream job would be in sports broadcasting, I convinced myself it would be too hard, too competitive, and too much of a long shot. So I received a political science degree from UC Berkeley, and considered law school. After three years working in San Francisco, I still wasn’t fulfilled. That’s what landed me at Medill for graduate school at the age of 26, pursuing a career in sports journalism.

Mitch Goldich

Mitch, 27, is originally from outside Philly. He went to school at Lehigh, where he wasn’t big enough to be on the football team, so he was the school mascot instead.

He worked as a web producer for NBC Olympics in 2012, and has written for several outlets including The Huffington Post and A sports travel junkie, Goldich has been to the World Series, NBA Finals, Final Four, Beijing Olympics and 35 different MLB stadiums.

He loves going to the ballpark, but is quite happy spending 10 hours on the couch tweeting about football.

Patrick Roth

Patrick, 27, is from the South Side of Chicago, where he was born, raised and currently resides.

He is a graduate of Roosevelt University and is a die-hard White Sox fan and knows several useless bits of trivia regarding Chicago sports, particularly uniform related trivia.