Episode Two

Episode 2 | Segment 1
Brian Ayala Reports

Adapting to life in the U.S. can be an additional obstacle for Latin ball players trying to make it to the majors.

Episode 2 | Segment 2
Nikitta Foston Reports

With youth participation in baseball on the decline, legendary all-star Bo Jackson is stepping up to the plate.

Episode 2 | Segment 3
Lorenzo Patrick Reports

Your parents and grandparents did it, but will you? The sport that more Americans play than any other could be going away.

Watch Willy Adames’ teammate attempt to rap in Spanish to the shortstop’s walk-up song.

Check out the lighter side of Jose Zambrano.

Major League hopefuls down to their last chance in professional baseball.

Forget college athletes who want to get paid. There are professional athletes who make less than minimum wage, and it’s not their only struggle.

The Chicago Cubs are celebrating Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary in 2014. But the Cubs might leave if they can’t modernize the ballpark. The Centennial has arrived amid a series of controversies.