Episode One

Episode 1 | Segment 1
Patrick Roth Reports

Major league dreamers down to their last chance in baseball

Episode 1 | Segment 2
Karen Quant Reports

Forget college athletes who want to get paid. There are professional athletes who make less than minimum wage.

Episode 1 | Segment 3
Mitch Goldich Reports

Wrigley Field, should it stay or should it go? A look at the tumultuous circumstances surrounding the ballpark’s 100th anniversary.

An extended interview with Brance Rivera.

Patrick Roth considers trying out for the Schaumburg Boomers.

Cubs attendance fares better than record might indicate.

Learning to hit the curve isn’t the only challenge facing Latin ballplayers in the U.S.

Adapting to life in the U.S. can be an additional obstacle for Latin ball players trying to make it to the majors.

Your grandparents and your parents did it, but will you? The sport that more Americans play than any other could go away.