Medill’s sports journalism program introduces graduate students to the vast array of professional opportunities available in the worlds of sports journalism, communications and marketing. The goal of the program is simple: Prepare students to make an immediate impact in a sports-related job after graduation.

The program consists of five elements:

Hands-on Coursework

Students enrolled in the program follow the general Medill curriculum but are encouraged to apply the lens of sports to their study and reporting. Medill also currently offers several sports-related courses that enable students to explore contemporary issues in sports media and marketing, as well as develop a skill set that will make them viable candidates for a variety of jobs in the industry.

Mentorship Program

Medill unquestionably has one of the most illustrious alumni networks in sports media, and the Medill Sports Mentorship Program leverages that network for your personal gain. Students in the program are paired with a Medill alum who offers guidance, coaching and advice throughout the student’s tenure at Medill.

Speaker Events

One of the best ways for students to prepare for a career in sports journalism, communications or marketing is to interact with professionals currently excelling in those fields. That is why Medill routinely brings in guest speakers to interact with students, either through the school’s annual Beyond the Box Score lecture series, in-class engagements or lunchtime conversations.


What better way to prepare for a career in sports journalism, communications or marketing than to witness those careers firsthand? Students travel as a group to major sports cities across the country to learn from and get to know key sports leaders, influencers and innovators in that city. *Open to a select number of students

Residency Opportunities

Medill has formed partnerships with the Chicago Tribune, the Northwestern University Department of Athletics and Recreation and Pioneer Press to create additional opportunities for students to gain hands-on sports journalism, communications and marketing opportunities outside the classroom. Students also have the opportunity to write for InsideNU, a part of SB Nation and the most-read student-created coverage of Northwestern athletics online. There will also be opportunities to report for special events, like the 2015 NFL Draft or the 2016 Summer Olympic games.

The Medill sports journalism program is designed for graduate journalism and integrated marketing communications students. However, some aspects of the program are available to undergraduate journalism and IMC Certificate students.